Swimming pool dehumidifiers

DH 33

Domestic swimming pool dehumidifier

DH33/55 wall mounted

The DH 33 is a high performance, low cost wall mounted dehumidifiers with...

DH 55

Domestic swimming pool dehumidifier

The DH 55 is a high performance, low cost wall mounted dehumidifier with...

DH 75/DH 110

Domestic and commercial pool dehumidifiers

Floor standing DH75/110

The DH 75 and DH 110 are floor standing high performance dehumidifiers with...

CDP 40-50-70

Domestic swimming pool dehumidifiers

Dantherm CDP 40-50-70 dehumidifiers for humidity control in indoor swimming pools are...

AA 300/AA 500

Domestic swimming pool heat pump​s

AA300 AA500

​The AA 300 and AA 500 are advance premium heat pump based dehumidification...


For domestic and light commercial use

Variheat III

​The Variheat range is specifically designed for light commercial or domestic use and...

Pool dehumidifiers

    Pool dehumidifiers

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