Free cooling

Dantherm Flexibox Free Cooling Range

Free air cooling for telecom

Provides total heat management and significant energy savings on cooling in telecom sites....

Dantherm DFC

Displacement free cooling

Slim passive cooling units utilising the displacement free air cooling technology....

Dantherm TKS60

High-capacity free cooling

Designed to control the environment of communication shelters using a minimum of energy....

Heat exchange

Dantherm Heat Exchanger

Heat exchanger for cabinets and enclosures

Designed for energy-efficient temperature control in telecom cabinets and radio stations...


DC Thermosiphon 150

DC Thermosiphon heat exchange for challenging environments

Provides cooling without air-conditioning and is designed for telecom installation....


DC Split Air-conditioner 3500

DC split air-conditioner for telecom

48V DC split air-conditioner for telecom cabinets, enclosures and battery compartments....

DC Air-conditioning 450

DC air-conditioner for telecom

DC air-conditioners are slim line and energy-efficient cooling in telecom networks....

Combo cooling

Dantherm Combo Cooling 6000/900

Combo cooling

Combines free cooling and air-conditioning to provide the most energy-efficient cooling....

Peltier TEC

Peltier TEC 200

Peltier TEC compartment cooling

For dual-zone and battery compartment cooling, the Peltier TECs is perfect in larger cabinet or shelter....

Remote climate control

Dantherm Remote Climate Control

Surveillance - remote climate control

Surveillance - remote climate control

Electronic cooling

    Electronic cooling

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