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Calorex Com-Pac 8-12

Efficient pool water heating on above ground pools for lower pool running costs. The low energy consumption coupled with high heat production makes a Com-Pac heat pump an environmentally friendly way to heat your swimming pool. Unlike alternative ways of heating your pool, the Com-Pac requires no fuel storage tank or high capacity electrical supply and produces no smells, fumes or CO2 gases.

  • Features​

    • Extracts heat from the air and uses it to heat pool water
    • For every 1kW of energy used, approximately 4kW of energy is generated*
    • Support and back up
    • Titanium heat exchanger

    * The Coefficient of Performance will vary according to the temperature of the water and the ambient air

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  • Com-Pac 8-12


    Com-Pac 8-12

  • Specifications Units COM-PAC 8 COM-PAC 12
    Heat to pool water (ambient 20°C, water 27°C) kW 8.2 11.6
    Typical pool size (surface area) m2 26 39
    Typical pool volume m3 25-40 35-55
    Electrical data 1ph 230 V 230 V
    Total power consumed (ambient 20°C, water 27°C) kW 1.76 2.56
    Min supply capacity - max FLA Amp 8.2 11.8
    Recommended supply fuse Amp 15 20
    Fan data
    Air flow m3/h 1600 1600
    Water data
    Max working pressure pool water bar 1.76 2.56
    Pool water connection inch/mm 1.5" BSP or 50 1.5"” BSP or 50
    Condensate drain connections mm 15 15
    General data
    Sound level dB(A) 48 52
    Width mm 848 848
    Depth mm 300 300
    Height mm 630 630
    Weight kg 59 63
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