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Calorex DH10

The DH10 is one of Europe’s best selling compact dehumidifiers, suitable for a variety of uses within your home or business.

It is excellent for keeping your living spaces dry and reduces mould, damp and musty smells. It protects valuables and your stored goods from rusting whilst it is cost effective and saves you from the expense caused by moisture damage and the resultant repairs.

    • Features

      • —High performance level, even in unheated rooms
      • Powerful radial fan
      • Professional hot gas automatic defrost
      • Automatic hygrostat controlled dehumidification
      • Can connect to an external condensation drain
      • Extremely mobile and compact
      • Can be left unattended (when connected to a condensate drain)


      • Offices
      • Homes
      • Wine cellars
      • Workshops
      • Laundries
      • Laboratories
      • Museums
      • Archives
      • Art galleries
      • Boats
      • Outbuildings
    • DH10



    • Specifications Units DH10
      Dehumidification performance/24hr
      30°C/80%RH litres/24hr 30
      Working range
      Temperature °C 5-35
      Humidity %RH 40-100
      Input voltage V/Hz 230/50
      Nominal power consumption kW 0.63
      Water tank capacity litres 4.4
      Suitable for rooms up to m2/m3 90/230
      Air flow m3/hr 200
      Sound level dB(A) 51
      Dimensions: L x W x H mm 290 x 390 x 612
      Weight kg 15.2

    Contact (UK)

    Jeremy Neale

    (Phone) 01621 856611 (Mobile) 07432 744722

    Contact (International)

    +44 (0)1621 856611