About Dantherm Group

Dantherm Group consists of Calorex, Dantherm HVAC Holding A/S and Master Climate Solutions (MCS).

The Dantherm Group can provide all your climate control products and solutions. With 500 employees spread across 12 countries and a huge global distribution network of 50+, the three global brands combined make one unique group.

The group focuses on four sectors, Mobile, Pool & Commercial, Home and Electronics with every product you need to make the perfect environment. Together, we are the global market leader specialising in climate control.

Dantherm group

About Calorex

Calorex is a leading British manufacturer of swimming pool heat pumps, dehumidifiers, commercial heat pumps and heat recovery and portable dehumidifiers. With 40 years of design expertise, Calorex is renowned for its innovation, range and quality of products with an expert sales and service team dedicated to meeting our customer’s requirements.

About Dantherm HVAC Holding A/S

Dantherm, headquartered in Skive, Denmark, is a leading provider of products and solutions within ventilation, dehumidification, mobile heating & cooling and electronics cooling. Dantherm has subsidiaries in Norway, Sweden, UK, Germany and Switzerland. In 2016 the Dantherm HVAC Group was acquired by Procuritas Capital Investors V LP. www.dantherm.com

About Master Climate Solutions (MCS)

MCS, headquartered in Pastrengo, Italy, is a global supplier of portable equipment for heating, dehumidification, cooling and ventilation, for professional applications in a variety of sectors. MCS has subsidiaries in Poland, Russia, Spain and China. www.mcsworld.com