Calorex – a solution focused business

When it comes to heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) Calorex have been at the forefront of heat pump and refrigerant technology for nearly four decades.

Our highly skilled R&D team have lead the way in designing unique products for complex HVAC problems offering clever and cost efficient methods to our customers.

The core of our business is our sales teams, who will work one-to-one with you, helping you find the best and most economical solution, whether it be dehumidification of a swimming pool, drying out spaces, heating or chilling water or cooling rooms.

We have a varied range of domestic and commercial products in each of our ranges and can even offer you tailored products specifically for your problem.

On our web pages you will find our products each with their own downloads and technical information as well as case studies highlighting the great work our units have provided to customers and businesses over the years.