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Swimming pool environmental control

From small spas and domestic swimming pool dehumidification to complete humidity control systems for pools in leisure centres or sports complexes, Calorex creates the right air and water climate for your comfort and to protect your buildings.

Swimming pool heat pumps

A Calorex heat pump is the most economical and most environmentally friendly method of dynamically heating an outdoor swimming pool. For every unit of energy consumed the total heat recovered can be up to five units, even on a cloudy day.

Commercial heat pumps and heat recovery

We also manufacture a range of units that provide energy efficient hot water heating by extracting energy from the air in a hotel kitchen for example and upgrading this to a form of heat that is rejected to a water system. They are capable of delivering up to five times more energy than they consume.

Domestic heat pumps and RHI

Calorex have designed and manufacture the market leading range of domestic air source heat pumps and domestic ground source heat pumps, using the solar energy stored in the ground (ground source) or latent and sensible energy from the outside air (air source) to provide both heating and hot water for your home. A Calorex unit will provide all of your requirements from one source with zero carbon emissions at the property.


As a leading designer and manufacturer of commercial heat pump dehumidifiers, Calorex can supply equipment suitable across a wide range of dehumidification applications from sophisticated ‘total loss’ or ‘keep dry recirculation’ systems to a simple, off the shelf, mobile dehumidifier to plug in and go, Calorex are unique problem solvers in their field.

Portable dehumidifiers and heaters

Portable deumidifiers are another area of expertise for Calorex. Highly robust and particularly suitable for the hire market, these units provide rapid drying solutions and humidity control in a gentle economical manner, alleviating possible material shrinkage and problems normally associated with other heating methods.

Portable air conditioning and air movers

Calorex portable air conditioning units are strong compact units designed to withstand the rigours and wear and tear of hire yet are aesthetically pleasing and quiet in operation