About Calorex

Calorex is a leading British manufacturer of swimming pool heat pumps, dehumidifiers, commercial heat pumps and heat recovery and portable dehumidifiers. With 40 years of design expertise, Calorex is renowned for its innovation, range and quality of products with an expert sales and service team dedicated to meeting our customer’s requirements. Our presence is international with thousands of Calorex units operating in over 60 countries worldwide.

We design and manufacture our products on-site in Maldon, UK and in Skive, Denmark specialising in swimming pool heating, cooling, heat recovery and dehumidification. We produce state-of-the-art equipment for dehumidification drying for buildings, industrial/commercial processes and disaster relief. There is also equipment for innovative heat recovery, hot water generation and domestic heating.

Experienced in hundreds of different applications, different national climates, with French, Spanish and German linguists as part of our team. We have a dedicated support team ready to take calls and process and manage service enquiries, from the initial call right through to completion who offer a comprehensive knowledge of the extensive Calorex range.

The news pages are regularly updated with new products and ideas. If you would like more information just complete the enquiry form or contact us by phone or email.